Getting solar shouldn't be such a pain.
In the next 24 months we’re going to reduce the price of residential solar in the US by 50%, and cut the average 60 days post-sale to less than 72 hours.
Today only 3% of single-family homes have solar.

While energy prices continue to skyrocket the US residential solar market is vastly under-penetrated.

Nearly 80% of US rooftops are suitable for solar.

Solar in the US is twice as expensive as other developed nations.

With an average system price of $37,500, there’s $18,000 of bloat that can be cut with a smarter, customer-centered, solution.

Homeowners find the switch to solar very challenging.

They’re confused by the broken and opaque process, and it can often take months to get multiple quotes.

National retailers avoid solar because of installer network fragmentation.

Installers increase prices by offloading bloated soft-costs onto buyers.

We’re building a platform that aggregates consumers, lenders, and installers into a real-time, 50 state, digital solution.

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